About JJ Funeral Services, Bangalore

To celebrate the life and the memory of loved one with a dignified funeral at a reasonable cost. JJ Funeral Services is the leading funeral home in fair-priced funeral services in the entire Bangalore. We Believe in Affordable and Dignified Funerals. JJ Funeral Services was founded in response to the public’s need of hassle-free and fair-priced funeral services. From there, we have grown to fulfill the requirements of our clients while offering fair, honest, and sensitive rates for burial and cremation services.

JJ Funeral Services is committed to providing compassionate family services. We believe in personal attention and uncompromising quality and are very proud of our traditions and facilities and the personal services that we provide.

We are located in Bangalore with multiple locations to meet your family’s needs.

Preplanning your funeral should be a natural part of life because it provides time to make your end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere. You can start the planning process now, or meet one of our preplanning advisors.

Whether you are planning to help your loved ones remember you or memorializing someone special in your life, contact JJ Funeral Services. We provide a full range of affordable funeral services. We have cremation and traditional funeral services at affordable and discounted prices.