Important Arrangements To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

Losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult. The void created by the passing away of a dear one can never be filled. It is an extremely painful and challenging time and can often be quite stressful for the family. If the added responsibility of handling the funeral arrangements and sorting the personal affairs of the deceased falls on one person’s shoulder, the whole experience can be quite overwhelming.

Funeral Arrangements Checklist – Things To Do 

The funeral arrangements that are to be organized for the death of a loved one are numerous. Right from informing the close-ones, to arranging funeral services and undertakers, to managing the legal paperwork, there are tons of things to be attended to. 

Here, we will try to group the things into ‘immediate’ and ‘A little later. But do note that later is only relative here and the sooner the things are attended to and sorted, the better it is

Immediate Funeral Arrangements

  1. If your loved one passed away at home, inform your doctor and get a death pronouncement. Getting a Form 4A is mandatory for home deaths. If your loved one passed away in a hospital, the hospital can take care of this for you. 
  1. Organ donation is time-sensitive. Check if the deceased had registered as an organ donor. If yes, inform the hospital staff immediately. If no, even family members can decide on the same.
  1. Inform close friends and family about the loss. A newspaper obituary can reach many people.
  1. Arrange for the last rites. A funeral services and undertaking agency, like JJ Funeral Services and undertakers, can help you with end-to-end arrangements such as Coffins, Herase, Freezer boxes, Dressings and grooming, floral arrangements and other funeral related exercises, tombstones, wood or electric cremations, etc.

A Little Later…

  1. Paperwork After Death –  Intimate the city corporation about the death and apply for a Death Certificate from the local authorities. To get this done primary documents required are Aadhar Copy, Form4/4A, Ration Card declaration form and apply the same to the nearest BBMP office.
  2. If the deceased was underemployed, notify the person’s employer. You can also ask about salary owed, benefits and life insurance.
  3. Identify bills that need to be paid and bank accounts that should be closed/transferred. 
  4. Start the probate process with the will. It would be helpful to take your immediate family members into confidence in order to avoid legal disputes that may arise.  
  5. Cancel the person’s Driver’s License, Voter ID, credit cards, insurance policies, and other accounts. This will help to prevent identity theft. 
  6. Memorialize your loved one’s Facebook account. This will let current friends continue to post and share memories but will keep anyone from logging into it in the future. Also, permanently close other social media accounts.
  7. Close email accounts – Once you feel confident that you have all the necessary information, permanently close your loved one’s email accounts as an additional step to prevent fraud and identity theft. 

While it is always painful and traumatizing to lose a loved one, failure to do the necessary things in the immediate aftermath of the death can lead to further complications and cause more pain in the future. Having a clear mind and attending to things even during the period of grief can make things a little easier for you later and help you cherish the memories of your loved one in peace.

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