Pre Planning A Funeral For Smarter Decisions

Death is not the opposite of life – it is a part of it. In fact, the only certainty of life is death (& taxes, of course.) Though death is inevitable, the grief associated with the passing away can be somewhat mitigated by being prepared for it. To a well-organized mind, death is the next adventure. By being prepared, you can make things easier for your loved ones and also get the send-off you want. It also gives your loved ones the freedom to focus on other important arrangements of the deceased while primary requisites are met.

If you are pre-planning a funeral, you need to know how to make smart decisions. Here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Learn What Happens At A Funeral

It is imperative to learn what happens at a funeral. A funeral service depends on the requirements and choices of the people involved. It is also dependent on the customs. Broadly, there are three main elements at a funeral: Preparation, the ceremony, and interment. These again come with choices and options. Depending on the customs and preference – Embalming or cremation is done. Also, the funeral service can be a full service at a funeral home, or a graveside one. The deceased can be buried in the ground or interred in a tomb. There are many other small details and customs that differ from person to person. So it is good to be aware of the happenings at a funeral.

For pre-planning funerals, Funeral planning checklists are available online to help you with planning and decision-making. It is better to be aware of the details and intricacies involved in a funeral.

2. Plan in Advance

Many funeral homes like JJ Funeral Services & Undertakers in Bangalore, offer plans and packages that can be customized to suit individual requirements. The plans and packages offer services that you can choose by paying an amount today. It is akin to a prepaid plan – pay now, use at a later date. You can talk to a funeral service provider like us and determine which plan suits your requirement, tweak it a little, if need be, and book a funeral service.

3. Find out the expenses involved

Find out the funeral costs and make an itemized list of the expenses involved. Make a note of individual expenses, everything from a casket to the cost of that final hearse ride to the cemetery. Also, factor-in your personal preferences & financial concerns.

4. Find a plan that fits your bill

Call several funeral service providers and get quotes. JJ Funeral Services in Bangalore also sells packages. So ask for an itemized list, with prices for each service or item. Do not pay for a funeral without checking with more than one funeral home. With us, you can buy only what you want. You can save money by specifying which types of service to be used.

5. Make your loved ones aware

Talk to the people you care about the plans you have. Tell your loved ones what sort of a funeral you would like to have and the plans you have made if any. Make them a part of the process. Save your loved ones from having to do the arrangements.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan from JJ Funeral Services and Undertakers

JJ Funeral Services & Undertakers in Bangalore offers Pre-paid funeral plans. We undertake the entire funeral requirements to manage the arrangements and expenses effectively when the event arrives. Our pre-paid funeral plan includes – Coffin box, a Hearse vehicle, Freezer Box. The pre-paid service comes with a zero compromise on the quality of services assurance and can be used after 30 days from the date of subscription and is valid for a lifetime.